Monday, September 25, 2006

A time with friends...

Hello all! Last evening was spent over coffee games and laughs. The Peiffers joined us along with a new aquaintence James McDonald VI (not to be confused with his father or grandfather). Our dinner was followed by games. We played two, one new game and one which is sorta a growing favorite among the masses. Nola was the first and second was "Rich Man, Poor Man". Joshua did succeed in crushing me in Nola, however in "Rich Man, Poor Man. I throughly demoralized him. Here are some pictures from the evening. For you who aren't familier, there is a crown and a bag awarded to the appropiate winners/loser of each round of "Rich Man, Poor Man".

That's right Anna never got a crown or a bag. Doesn't she looked bored too?

I have another picture of Joshua which I will add when I am able.

In Him,

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well today we received an email notifying us that some of our pastor's movers pooped out on him and they were in need of some guys to come and help get the rest of the belongings into the house. I actually got the email in the early afternoon and after a quick decision, made the 10 min ride over to their new house. I would have pictures of various people working, but of course I was working the as well ; ). I did however, after the work slowed down and some of the guys were going to the lake, get out my camera. The first photo is of James VI and Caleb out in a canoe and the other photo is of the rest of the kids who wanted to desperately to come down to the lake's edge.

In Him,

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A New...

Okay, this is a long awaited article I know, but I have been busy...

I know, I know that won't cut it as a good excuse. I have indeed been inexcusably delinquent in posting about my new nephew Timmothy Allen Draper III. I have recently and repetatively been asked what I thought of being an uncle, I have now given it some thought and I am here to share with all that life is basically the same just more enjoyable. Just like it took me a while to get used to my new brother-in-law, it will probably take me a while to get used to my new role as an uncle. Let me take your through little of my history for a little bit.

It all started back when I was born, little did I know and little did my parents know that I was going to be the only boy in the house (not counting papa of course). Once I realized this I saw it as my duty to act like three sons combined into one...
"unfortunetly for my parents my two other identities never acted like older boys"

I was the youngest with two older sisters. Due to this fact, I never had to deal with little punks, so logically I was the worst one around (just asked my sisters). I spent 19 years in this state
"ask someone else if you want an accurate read out of how I am now"

of course I did have friends...
"There were a few that were nice enough to use that word in the same sentance as my name"

... but I never had a brother to whom I could look up to or look down to (evil grin) until... That's right, TJ. I can remember when we first met his family, it was back, probably, oh... hmm early 1990s I think...
"I was still a little punk and a big problem for my sisters"

...At this point in time our family was over at their house and Rachel and TJ were talking
"They were the older siblings so they were able to carry on a civilized conversation"

Anna (thats right!), along with TJs sisters, dared me (probably to get me out of their hair) to go and taunt Rachel and TJ with the ever so famous jingle "Rachel and TJ up in a tree..." It was very humerous at the time, however, little did Anna and I know, but it would actually turn out that way (minus the tree part of course). In 2005 Rachel and TJ were joyfully join in marriage...
"TJs family moved to TN for a period of time between then and now, they weren't courting for 10+ years. That would be scary!"

... I now had a brother(in-law) to whom I could look up to and tease. So that little bit takes care of the history, now we can go onto the current state of things.

In August Rachel and TJ were blessed with a little man called Timmothy Allen Draper III. Today this blessing was baptised. It was a special moment for our family along with our extended church family. Rachel and TJ made the 8 hour journey from Tennessee to Illinois so that we could celebrate together in welcoming this new life into the coventant of our Lord. So I am now an uncle to a young little soul filled with life accompanied with an increadible future ahead of him. God Bless this new family!

In Him,

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This blog is alive again!

Hello all! I will be working vigorously on revitalizing this blog with new material to think on and enjoy. Its new purpose, being similar to its original will be to pass on updates and events in my life... hopefully more frequently!

In Him,