Sunday, February 25, 2007

Um... thats right! Dancing.

It has been requested that I post pictures from the "barn dance" experience!. Yes! I was there and again, yes! I did dance. Now that we got that out of the way, I can begin posting pictures from this event.

Unfortunately, due to the lighting restrictions, I didn't have much opportunity to capture the dancers in a recognizable fashion so I decided to to focus more on a creative approach to the problem. I also got some of the musicians, they weren't moving too fast.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter Fun!

Well, I driving in the snow, but getting stuck is no fun. My personal attraction to driving in the snow arises from the challenge provided by it. Driving without spinning out and coming to a unfortunate demise, is indeed a thrill.

Well last night I had an unfortunate happenstance. No, I didn't spin out and come to an unfortunate demise. I'm writing this post aren't I? hmm....

No I found out that my Camry wasn't made to plow snow with its front bumper, and that if the snow was deep enough, No matter how good of a driver I was, I wasn't going anywhere. Well of course I wasn't alone, but I will change the names to protect the innocent parties! Me and "Bill" were stuck, and after my car failed to produce acceptable distance in 15mins, we concluded we must walk.

We were currently 1-1.5 mi from "Bill's" house, so we proceeded to make a run/walk for it. The snow had stopped coming down at this point, but we still had the wind and drifting snow to enjoy.

Well to make a long story short...

We made it back, a tow truck then came to pulled out my car, which by that time had gotten barried under 4ft of snow, by a wonderful county snow plow :D.

To say the least, My car and I are NOT on speaking terms as of today. We are considering counseling, but I don't expect it to help.