Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sledding Hightlights

Well let me start this off by stating we only had one casualty on the slopes today. Here is a picture of the unfortunate lad. Because of the enjoyment of everyone we decided to just move him aside and take care of him later on. (Looks like rigor mortus has set in a little bit)

Moving onto the more interesting highlight we will continue with a nice backside view of our home. Isn't she a beauty?

Another hightlight would include the sledding confusion of our newly acquired southern "folk". Often wiping out, one even proceded to go down backwards. Obviously they have a lot to learn after moving from Texas.

Like every sledding day there is a few poor misguided souls who feel compelled to taste the snow in uncomfortable positions.

One person even attempted to run down the hill at high speeds. The reason for this nonsense is still unknown.

This guys obviously does not have any class when it comes to sledding -period-

But the winner of this excapade was the two guys who thought it would be fun to slide through a ceder tree. The effects of this incident can only be described by the photo below.

So that basically covers the highlights of the day. Please share any comments or question you may have concerning this coverage.

In Him,