Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swing, Brother! Swing!

Hey everyone, this past weekend My sister (Anna) and I participated in a Dance showcase. Our chosen rhythm was "swing" and our song... Swing, Brother! Swing. The success of the choreography can be attributed to Anna and all the mess-ups to myself.

A little history on this project... This showcase dance (the entire event) was announced something like 2 weeks prior to the actual event. I am approaching the end of the semester which means I have a slew of final projects. Anna and I spent a bunch of time on the weekends watching numerous online swing videos feature various moves. Once we got two aerials to the point that we were comfortable, we began working on finding music that was suitable for the showcase. After finding "Swing, Brother! Swing," I began with preliminary basic choreography. Anna then took this and actually made something worth watching (I actually doubt she used any of my original stuff). We then spent several nights as well as the entire Friday leading up to the dance on Saturday night practicing. We got all dressed up and this is what we produced.

I hope you enjoy it!

In Christ,
David Price

Monday, April 14, 2008

Out of Sequence

Sorry Guys! this is out of sequence. This happened before yesterday's Sunday pics. as well as the Liberty Day photo on my other blog. But I have been hounded relentlessly to get some of these photo up. Well here we go!

ENJOY! There's a bunch

Sunday Afternoon

Hello everyone, This past Sunday afternoon I spent a little bit a time reminding everyone of why they usually avoid me. It was really a bunch of fun. Most of the pictures are of younger, more willing subjects. But I have a few from the older bunch!