Thursday, October 12, 2006

I got tagged...

This is an interesting experience, being tagged. I was supposedly tagged by *________ at *________. While feeling compelled to follow through, it is interesting to guess what might happen if I didn't. Perhaps the sky would fall... or perhaps, life as we know would be abliterated. Like I said it is an interesting experience being tagged.

Now comes down to what this tagged business includes. Supposedy I am responsible to share a list of items found in various location and items I deal with on a daily time period.

... 5 Things in my freezer
1. Boneless chicken breast
2. Ice
3. Blue berries
4. Well I should, but I think i'm out... frozen pizza
5. Anient cookies that have been in the freezer since the dawn of time.

... 5 things in my car
(A week ago this would have been a dangerious question.)
1. An old pair of shoe, there is no apparent reason I still have them, I never wear them nor use them for anything.
2. A a partial ream of paper, Don't ask, its a Graphic Artist thing.
3. Napkins, I don't use these, but for some reason others do so I keep them around.
4. Dust on the dashboard
5. a Roll of paper towels.

...5 things in my closet
(whoever came up with these question knew that someday I would answer them, cruel person!)
1. um... well... I would like to say clothes, but that would only be 50% true.
2. Fischer Technique... toys from my younger years.
3. Empty boxes from purchased computer equipment.
4. "really old" stuff animals (they ARE really old!)
5. a bucket of army men... I think those are still in there.

... In my back pack
1. Physics book
2. Calculator
3. Photography book
4. Mechanical Pencils
5. A single Pen

... In my wallet
1. Reciepts (I only buy stuff)
2. Student ID
3. Drivers License
4. FOID card
5. 10% discount card for Spaghetti Shop

5 People who I guess I will tag...
hmm.. this can be hard i'll have to get back to you on this one.

* names and blog addresses have been removed to protect the innocent.

In Him,
David Price