Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Godawa Documentary!

This was an email I got from Brian Godawa concerning his new Documentary. Thought you guys might be interested. I know I'll probably get a copy of my own. If you're not familiar Brian Godawa wrote the screenplay for "To End All Wars".

I wanted to let you know that my documentary on the separation of church and state is finally available for purchase. It would make a great educational tool for homeschooling or for those who just love to watch educational documentaries. It played on PBS as "Wall of Separation," but it has been renamed "Faith of Our Fathers" which I think is dumb, but I'm not the distributor, so... alas. I did it in a Ken Burns style of historical investigation, and I'm proud of it. Definitely not the usual socialist interpretation you would get on PBS.

Anyway, here is the logline for the video:
This historical documentary takes a look at what the Founding Fathers intended when they framed the Constitution and wrote the First Amendment religion clauses. Were they trying to create a Christian nation, a secular paradise, or something in between? The documentary looks at how our understanding of church and state relations has changed through history by means of Supreme Court decisions and cultural pressures. From Everson vs. Board of Education to the most recent decisions over Ten Commandments displays, such interpretations are explored in comparison with the Founder's original intent. Approx. 60 minutes.

You can buy "Faith of Our Fathers" for ONLY $11.99 at Christianbook.com here:

Buy It Here

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Dave said...

I like the sound of that! We certainly could use a little (or a lot) of education about our Founding Fathers and their opinions of religion in government. The very phrase you quote, "separation of church and state," is from Thomas Jefferson and is one of the chief vehicles for re-writing history today. Too bad, too, considering how brilliant Jefferson was with words. He would be upset to see his own words being used to misrepresent him. Jefferson is the person who brought "separation of church and state" into our common usage, although we misuse it terribly compared to what he intended. The University of Virginia has Jefferson's writing collected on their website. Many are organized by category. On the page of statements he made about the need for the Bill of Rights, you will find six references to "freedom of religion" but not even one to "separation of church and state."
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